What Is Pressure Perfect?

Pressure Perfect – The Amazing Blood Pressure Reduction Alternative!dvd_box_with_logo

Q – What is Pressure Perfect?

A – Pressure Perfect is an easy to use video program that combines the powerful combination of paced moderate deep-breathing exercises to safely lower high blood pressure. Medical research has shown that regular paced breathing exercises can help you to lower and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

We all have the ability to learn to relax and naturally lower our blood pressure

With the Pressure Perfect Program you’ll be breathing your way to lower blood pressure in no time. No complicated instructions to learn – the easy on-screen prompts will guide you through the perfectly paced breathing exercises. You’ll be relaxed and on your way to lower blood pressure in just minutes. Just play the video below to see how simple it is to use the Pressure Perfect paced breathing program. After watching the video, please scroll down the page to see answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Pressure Perfect.

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Q – I’m already on high blood pressure medication, may I still use the Pressure Perfect videos?

A – Absolutely! Be sure to let your physician know that you are going to use Pressure Perfect so that you can both monitor your progress. DO NOT discontinue taking your current high blood pressure medication! If Pressure Perfect works well for you, you will probably be able to reduce the need for your medication. In my case, I was able to completely eliminate drug therapy for my hypertension. Because Pressure Perfect requires deep breathing exercises, persons with reduced lung function should use their best judgement when using Pressure Perfect.

Q – Will Pressure Perfect make my blood pressure too low?

A – No. Pressure Perfect has a normalizing effect on the body and will not cause your blood pressure to go too low.

Q – Does Pressure Perfect have any side effects?

A – No. Pressure Perfect is not a drug and is safe to use with all your current drug therapies. Pressure Perfect does provide deep relaxation so it is advisable not to do the exercises before any activity that requires total concentration such as driving or operating machinery

Q – How often do I need to use the Pressure Perfect videos and how long does a Pressure Perfect session take?

A – You will get the most benefit from using Pressure Perfect if you use the videos every day but even if you use it three to four days a week you should see positive results. Each relaxing Pressure Perfect session lasts 15 minutes.

Q – May I use the Pressure Perfect videos more than once per day?

A – The Pressure Perfect is great for taking a break from the stress of the day and you may use it more then once per day. Please note that using the Pressure Perfect more than twice per day has not shown to reduce blood pressure faster then just using it once per day.

Q – If I quit using Pressure Perfect will my blood pressure go back up?

A – Yes. To achieve the therapeutic effect from Pressure Perfect, you should use the videos on a regular basis. Once I achieved the results I wanted, I maintained my blood pressure with using the Pressure Perfect 4-5 days a week.

Q – Do you still sell the Pressure Perfect DVD?

A – Yes! If you would like to purchase the Pressure Perfect DVD, Please click here to order. The Pressure Perfect DVD ships free of charge to all US residents.