Sleep Machines For Insomnia & Stress

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep because of stress, anxiety, depression or just the weight of everyday life, you might want to give one of the sound therapy sleep machines a try. I live in a very densely populated area of Los Angeles, with lots of apartments and condos right on top of one another. There’s always noise from conversations, loud TV’s, crying babies, barking dogs… you name it. During the summer months it’s even worse because people open their windows and the sound carries even more.

In this video review, I’ll introduce you to the little Nomad sound machine by SOUND+SLEEP. The Nomad downs out the noise and replaces it with pleasant sounds that help me to get to sleep. With the Nomad, I can even leave my window open a bit for ventilation (I used to close my window because of the noise but I would wake up all through the night because I was hot and sweaty). I like the fact that I can use batteries if I want to and take the Nomad on the road with me. The sound is great and it also has an external mini-jack that I can plug my ipod into so I can use the Nomad as an external speaker. In this video review I discuss the features of the Nomad and why it is the perfect sleep sound machine for me.

I also did a little video review of a “sound blocking” device called the “Lectrofan.” The Lectrofan is better at blocking out noise that prevents me from getting to sleep and the Sound+Sleep is better at quieting my mind when my thoughts are racing and I can’t sleep (Usually ruminating about anxious thoughts).