Music For Anxiety, Stress and Relaxation

Music is food for the soul. Music has the ability to heal and sooth. Music is inherent to all cultures and mothers and fathers all over the world sing to their children in a joyous calming bond of family and culture.

Music has played an important role in my life. I was an anxious kid, sometimes very quiet and introverted and sometimes I found it very hard to focus. I did well in school but it was hard for me – I liked recess because I could run around, the physical exertion would burn off some of my excess energy and anxiety.

Things changed for the better when I was enrolled in “Music Appreciation” class. A whole new world opened up for me as I was exposed to some of the classics. I found that the music calmed me down and made it easier for me to focus. At the age of eleven I saved my nickels and dimes and purchased my first Bach album – little did I know that I was really “self-medicating” with music.

My love for music continues to this day and I’m always on the lookout for innovative artists with music that “speaks to me” and helps me through the day.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the music of the Conti brothers, Chris and Tom. Not only is their music “transformative” but it’s geared specifically for melting away the stress and anxiety of the day. I personally listen to their music while doing my work and also while taking much needed breaks throughout the day. I find that not only can I focus better, but I don’t feel tired and drained even after prolonged work sessions.

I highly recommend the music of the Conti brothers, especially for stress and relaxation. My favorite album is “Sound Therapy for the Senses” but you’ll find all of their music is equally appealing. They have lots of free listening samples and you may easily purchase single songs or an entire album. Be sure to pay them a visit at: