Free Stress-busting Relaxation Recordings

Your free relaxation recordings.

It is my own personal belief that stress plays a much more important role in our health than medical experts are willing to admit. We now live in an interconnected 24/7 “Fight or Flight” world where we are constantly bombarded with doom and gloom scenarios because “Train Wreck” journalism gets good ratings and makes money.


I take a couple of “Stress Breaks” throughout the day and I’d like to share with you some of the resources that help me to take the edge off of my day. I believe that by giving your body a “Stress Break” you can improve your energy level, your immune system response, your inflammatory response and also help to lower your blood pressure. If you already use my high blood pressure paced-breathing product, Pressure Perfect – you know how life-changing and powerful relaxation therapy can be.

Just click on any of the three links below to play your 20 minute “Free Relaxation Recording.” I find that these power naps relax and rejuvenate me without making me feel like I have a “Sleep Hangover” at the finish. Because these recordings are very relaxing, please don’t use them in any circumstances (Like driving an automobile) that require you to be awake and very alert. Enjoy!


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