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Pressure Perfect – The Amazing Blood Pressure Reduction Alternative!dvd_box_with_logoCongratulations! You are about to naturally breathe your way to lower blood pressure!

It has been shown that paced breathing therapy works best to lower blood pressure when you can breathe at a pace of ten breaths (or less) per minute for at least ten to fifteen minutes at a time. You should use the Pressure Perfect every day for the first month and then adjust your schedule according to your individual success and preferences.

Find some time during the day that you won’t be disturbed during your Pressure Perfect breathing session. When first starting the program, you DO NOT need to complete the whole fifteen-minute session – work up to a pace that is comfortable to you. If, at any time, you feel out of breath or light-headed you should stop using the breathing exercises and reevaluate your breathing pace or your compatibility with the program.

Many Pressure Perfect users have said that they like to do their breathing exercises right before bedtime for a better night’s sleep, but performing the exercises during the day is just fine too. Please remember that Pressure Perfect does provide deep relaxation so it is advisable not to do the exercises right before any activity that requires total concentration such as driving or operating machinery. If you would like to purchase a DVD copy of the Pressure Perfect Program for a friend or loved one that does not have access to a computer please click here.

Most people start with 10 breaths per minute – remember to do the exercises at a pace that is comfortable for you.